Document Management has been around as long as there have been documents to manage. The earliest known carvings were stored in vessels to protect them and allow anyone needing to see them to know just where to find them. In the late 1700’s filing cabinets came along to address the need to handle the volume of documents that business was then generating. Fast forward to the early 1980’s and the explosion of technology brought with it digital imaging and the beginnings of what we know today as Document Management.

But through it all, the purpose never changed. Documents represent information. Information is the life-blood of your organization. And we are all very good at generating that information. But, because of the amount of information we all have to deal with on a daily basis; finding it when needed is usually a challenge.

Fortunately, We Have the Answer. Automated Business Solutions and Network Imaging have the Document Management Solution that fits your business. We start the process by understanding your needs. Maybe you just want to turn paper documents into digital images so you can locate them in an instant. Or maybe you need customized forms woven into a complex Work Flow process. No matter the need, our highly trained staff understand the options and can guide you through the process. We can provide the solution for your business that puts information at the tips of your fingers!

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