FMCare is a software application that is installed on a PC or server on your network. FMCare locates printers, scanners and MFPs on your network and sends meter-readings to Automated Business Solutions. This is used for your lease contract needs and to determine when toner replacements and maintenance kit replacements are needed.



FMCare application files have been digitally signed to prevent
execution if file integrity were ever compromised.

Confidential data is NOT collected, viewed or saved by FMCare.

ONLY printer-related data is collected by FMCare. If there are any printers you do not wish us to collect data from, you may request to have those printers opted out of FMCare. Simply provide the IP addresses of those printers to our technician at the time of the initial FMCare install.



FMCare allows Automated Business Solutions to ensure that you receive toner
replenishments BEFORE you run out. FMCare helps us to help you prevent toner replacement emergencies.

FMCare makes it fast, simple and easy to keep your machines running at the pace of your business.



FMCare sends Automated Business Solutions alerts on current meter-readings, low toner, and expiring maintenance kits.
This is completely automatic and does not require interaction by you. No longer will you have to email meter readings or be interrupted by a phone call to collect this information.

FMCare can be installed and, if ever necessary, serviced by our professionally certified technicians through a remote connection without the need to come out to your facility. The remote connections will only be initiated with your approval.