KYOcapture powered by AutoStore

Capture paper or electronic documents, process them into digitized formats, and then route them to virtually any destination.

Capture. Process. Route.

In the world of technologically advancing organizations, document workflow is constantly evolving and at times, can be complicated. Documents route through a number of individuals/departments, in various formats and may be distributed to countless locations. Automating your document workflow into a simple and easy-to-use process can be a challenge. Enter KYOcapture, powered by AutoStore, the Kyocera server-based application designed to improve your organization’s capture, process and routing of paper or electronic documents.

The KYOcapture application captures documents from virtually any source – from an MFP, network scanner or desktop PC. Once documents are captured they can be processed with KYOcapture’s powerful capabilities – De-speckling, De-skewing and barcode reading are just a few of the tools available. These cleaned-up, digitized documents can be converted into a variety of formats, such as text searchable PDFs or Microsoft Office documents. KYOcapture will then route to virtually any destination: fax, email, network folders, PCs, as well as many leading document management systems. Your information is directed where you want it – quickly and accurately.

KYOcapture is an enterprise solution that can transition labor intensive, chaotic and costly document workflow into an integrated, streamlined asset of your organization.

KYOcapture on HyPAS-enabled MFPs
KYOcapture, used in conjunction with HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs, transforms the MFP touch screen control panel into a feature-rich user interface. This familiar touch screen allows you to unleash robust document workflow capabilities including user authentication, interface customization, enhanced database querying and added security.

KYOcapture Express
KYOcapture Express is a simplified document capture workflow solution designed for small to medium sized business to effectively capture, process and route critical business documents. KYOcapture Express integrates with select Kyocera MFPs allowing you to capture documents, index & perform OCR for full text search capabilities directly from the MFP, and route to specified locations.


  • Captures paper and electronic documents from virtually any source – MFP, network scanner or desktop PC
  • Advanced processing tools including De-Speckling, De-skewing, image enhancement, Barcode reading and more
  • Routes documents to virtually any destination – network folder, Document Management System (DMS), fax, email, etc.
  • Embedded network authentication at the MFP touch panel securing an MFP from any unauthorized use (when powered by HyPAS)
  • Output to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for full text search capabilities
  • Improves overall Document Workflow efficiency within an organization

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