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Postage Meters and Mailing Systems

Why waste your time waiting in line at the Post Office? A postage meter is a welcome addition to any office. Whether you send just a few pieces of mail a day, or a few thousand pieces a day a postage meter can provide you with many benefits. Benefits such as convenience, improved company image, faster delivery of your mail and even postage savings.

FP Mailing Solutions is an international manufacturer of postage meters, mailing systems and mailroom software. As an innovator in the mailing industry, our German engineered products provide a full range of mail center solutions designed to create a seamless mailroom operation. No matter if you have a large mailroom or own a small business, FP Mailing Solutions has the tailored postage meter system for your needs.

Bring the Post Office right to your desk with a new postage meter from Automated Business Solutions.

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