Network Assessment

The ABS Network Assessment Services help identify opportunities for streamlining business process, maximizing productivity of technology assets and people, and improving total cost of technology ownership for our clients. We’ll keep your systems safe & secure from software that collects your information, tracks computer activity, and causes damage to your computers. Viruses can slow down your computer, cause unforeseen deletion or corruption of files, and/or threaten confidentiality.

Explanation of a typical Network Assessment:

  • A Solutions Specialist and a Technical Engineer from our team will come to you to perform an assessment
  • Your designated Solutions Specialist will conduct a brief interview with IT personnel and manager or owner
  • The Technical Engineer will install our software (referred to as a probe or agent) onto the network, with the purpose of identifying inventory and other critical information required to make an accurate evaluation of what is operating on the network
  • Once all information is collected and analyzed, we can recommend the best possible solution for you!