KIP 9900 Series


Key Features

• Lowest in class cost of operation

• 100% toner efficiency

• Space saving design

• Illustrated operator guides on touchscreen

• Efficient software workflow

•Integrated accounting system


High Resolution

Enhanced 600 x 1800 dpi Imaging Technology realistically renders accurate grayscale information and fine line capabilities to satisfy the most exacting quality standards. Color documents are easily scanned into digital files or high fidelity copies when the system is integrated with KIP scanners. The KIP 9900 systems deliver consistent print quality from print to print and job to job. Dense, solid blacks in high fill areas exhibit none of the streaking that is often found in competitive systems producing large areas of continuous tone printing. KIP 9900 produce excellent mid-tones and smooth gradients for great results on tricky areas such as solid fills and halftones.

Powerful Multi Thread Processing

A unique multi-threaded approach to processing, gives the KIP 9900 a production boost that assists in high demand printing of multiple jobs containing multiple sets. Individual processing threads that convert images for printing are handled by the KIP 9900 in tandem. On multi-core (multiple CPU) systems, such as the KIP 9900, threads can be spread across the cores of the processor. The implementation of this RIP technology provides a 25% production advantage over traditional RIP systems.