V-Stack36 Vertical Stacker

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The V-Stack36 vertical stacker is designed to work with a variety of Formax pressure sealers and tabletop folders. Unlike a traditional outfeed conveyor, it stacks forms vertically, providing a neat stack which is easier to unload for further processing.

With photo-eye activation, the V-Stack36 neatly stacks up to 22 inches of folded documents. The infeed features a six-ball-roller deck and two guide wheels to ensure forms enter the stacker smoothly, and an LED lamp which alerts operators when the stacker is near full capacity. Its vertical paper stop adjusts to accommodate document sizes and fold types up to 7” high by 12″ wide.

Stacks documents vertically
Compatible with a variety of folders and sealers
Photo eye activation
LED indicator
Optional adjustable stand

An interlock is available for FD 38X folders and FD 2054, FD 2096 and 2200 Series pressure sealers, which automatically stops the stacker and the source machine when the stacker is at full capacity.