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In-House Printing

Today’s marketplace necessitates the ability to be resilient and versatile while improving efficiency. At the same time, meeting tight deadlines with a lean staff requires equipment that’s intuitive, adaptive, and reliable and can consistently produce work with minimal effort.

The Canon’s imagePRESS Lite C270 Series of multifunction printers—an outstanding investment that’s designed to deliver the workflow, user-centric control, and remarkable print quality that your essential work demands. Let’s learn more…

companies have reported a 500% decrease in downtime when bringing production print in-house

imagePRESS Lite C270/265

Unmatched Speed and Efficiency:

• Prints 70 pages-per-minute b&w, 65 PPM color
• Scans up to 270 images-per-minute at 300 DPI
• Increased maximum paper capacity of up to 8,550 sheets with the new Multi-Drawer Paper Deck option

Finishing Features

Canon imagePRESS Lite C65/C270 Benefits

Canon’s latest offering, the imagePRESS Lite C270/C265 Series, is designed to revolutionize in-house color printing for enterprise environments. Succeeding the popular C165 model, this new
machine boasts impressive enhancements that cater to high-volume color printing needs.

Versatile and Scalable:
• Seamless integration with advanced solutions for easy deployment and smooth
transition into light production environments
• Simplicity levels of an imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX, combined with strong image quality for creative applications.

Enhanced Security and Reliability:
• Improved verify system at startup, including an auto-recovery feature.
• Standard support for Trusted Platform Module, leveraging updated encryption models.

With its remarkable speed, versatility, and enhanced security features, the imagePRESS Lite C265 empowers businesses to bring their color printing needs in-house, streamlining processes and delivering high-quality, creative applications with ease.

Unlock the full potential of in-house color printing with Canon’s imagePRESS Lite C265 – the ultimate solution for enterprise environments demanding efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.

Pair any machine with a Formax solution

Fast, Secure, and Effective

Ultimately, the decision to bring production print in-house depends on the specific needs, volume, and complexity of print materials required by the company. Careful consideration of costs, resources, and long-term objectives should be evaluated before making this strategic decision.

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