Commonly referred to as MPS, is a service offered by Automated Business Solutions that will help your organization streamline printer management while minimizing total costs associated with all of your output devices (printers and copiers included). With our all-inclusive contracts, you can focus more on your business and less on your budget.

How can my company benefit from an
ABS Managed Print Services offering?

  1. Reduce Costs– Most companies don’t have a defined strategy for their printers and supplies.  ABS can assess your total output and put forth a revised deployment strategy & return on investment analysis.  When clients execute an ABS Managed Print Strategy, we find that we usually save our clients a minimum of 25% on the total document output expense.
  2. Reduce Environmental Impact   With an ABS Managed Print Strategy, your organization will reduce paper and supply usage.  In most cases, we are able to reduce the number of devices within your fleet.  This will free up valuable space within your office & minimizes electrical consumption all having a positive impact on the environment.
  3. Free Up Your Staff To Do Their Job! ABS’ advanced monitoring tools can automatically replenish your supplies and provide service that keeps your technology running efficiently.  Having ONE consolidated contract will minimize the administrative burden placed on your staff.
  4. Receive Critical Data to Assist with Future Technology Deployment – By providing detailed monthly or quarterly reports via our advanced tracking tools, your organization can assess print usage by individual, device, and department. Its our goal to place the right solution that will best meet your productivity and financial goals.  

We Take the Printers Off Your Plate!

“Optimization” isn’t just a big word. As a major facet of managed print services, this methodology of right-sizing an organization’s print environment will have more benefits than the number of syllables it has.

Among the first things an MPS consultant analyzes during an assessment are how many different device types exist and where all that hardware is situated. Businesses are often surprised to learn they’ve accumulated a host of standalone devices, which are expensive to both operate and maintain. This leaves many businesses without the right mix of hardware and device placements that aren’t ideal for their actual usage and employee locations. Discovering where single-function hardware should and should not exist in a print environment will deliver a strategic cost-saving rationalization. It also involves identifying where multifunctional products—capable of printing and digitizing documents—can be utilized for their ability to streamline or even automate business processes.

Of course there are exceptions, such as executives who each have a printer in their office or people with a printer in their respective cubicle because they handle sensitive documents—these are necessary for business operations, and MPS consultants can appreciate that. But in most situations, the reasons that an organization should move toward a balanced printer and MFP model outweigh those for sticking with standalone devices.

3 Myths of
Managed Print Services

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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services:
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