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Toner Pirates Scams

What are they and how does it affect your business? Toner Pirates are a modern-day threat quietly wreaking havoc on businesses globally. There is an alarming rise of individuals engaging in fraudulent schemes that involve the production and sale of counterfeit or entirely imaginary toner cartridges. As companies grapple with the dual challenges of these deceptive practices and the ongoing global chip shortage, we uncover the tactics employed by these cunning pirates and discuss effective strategies to safeguard businesses against their nefarious activities. Join us to learn how to navigate the treacherous waters of this fiscally damaging scam.

Train employees on how to handle calls from unknown providers. Never divulge equipment IDs or personal information – your provider will already have that info on file.

Protect Your Business Against Fraud

Businesses worldwide are facing a costly scam called “toner piracy.” These modern-day pirates are causing significant financial losses by selling fake, useless, or nonexistent toner cartridges. With the global chip shortage leading to a scarcity of toner, these scams are on the rise.

What Is a Toner Pirate?
A toner pirate will first seek to gain insider knowledge about your company’s supplies, either by researching online or, more commonly, placing a call and requesting the information. They frequently start conversations with friendly or intriguing questions such as, “We noticed you haven’t ordered toner in a while, so could we send some at a reduced cost?” or “Can you provide your copier ID, so we ensure we send the corrected cartridges? We have a limited-time special right now.”

The Results of the Scam
Once the pirates have enough information, they will send a seemingly legitimate invoice to the business. The company that pays ultimately receives only phony, empty, counterfeit, or incorrect toner cartridges if they receive anything at all. Many pirates will disappear after the fraudulent invoices are paid.

Train employees on how to handle calls from unknown providers.
Never divulge equipment IDs (any legitimate vendor will already have this information). If pressed, request the caller to provide a quote in writing with an office phone number or physical address. Pirates won’t provide that information because they don’t have it. If threatened or simply in doubt, hang up the phone. Better yet, designate a single person as the Supplies Manager. You may always refuse a shipment you did not place, and if you suspect you have been a target of piracy, report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

The Best Defense Against Tone Pirates

Having a Managed Print Services Provider ensures protection against swindlers and schemes. As a trusted vendor, we’ll be your point of contact for all office supply refills, requests, and questions, and you’ll be safe to sail the seven seas of commerce once more.

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