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Voice over IP

revolutionizing unified business communications through voice, built-in CRMs, messaging, and integrative app features

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become a must-have tool for businesses. VoIP is a phone service that uses the internet rather than traditional phone lines. VoIP enhances communication, saves money, and adapts to the changing business landscape.

The benefit for businesses is that VoIP offers features that aren’t available with a traditional phone, such as call recording, voicemail to email, custom caller ID, call queue management, automated attendants, advanced call analytics, and customer relationship management integration.

Key Benefits of VoIP

Starting from the initial evaluation, our primary goal is for your organization to reap the benefits.

Unified Comms
Remote Work
Advanced Features
Cost Reduction

Learn more about Managed I.T. Services for the growth and security of your business. We design, deploy, and support I.T. solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in every industry. We evaluate the infrastructure and implement strategic planning to enable high productivity. Since we can’t plan for disaster, we execute proactive protection to minimize downtime. By choosing ABS and our award-winning customer service, we ensure you receive reliable support.

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