Did you know that most companies spend up to 6% of their total revenue in copies or prints? 

As you know, the cost to replace printer cartridges can be very expensive. Sometimes more than what you paid for the printer itself. I have asked hundreds of businesses how much it cost them per page to produce a document on their printers and the answer is usually the same. “I have no idea but I do know that the cartridges are expensive.” How would you answer that question? Probably the same I would expect. The reality is people just purchase cartridges when the printer says empty. Who knows how much toner is in the cartridge, how many pages you got out of it or what percentage of your pages are covered with toner. These are several factors that all contribute to the true cost per page. We have tools available to help you get a true snapshot of what these cost are for each device and also help you reduce your costs immediately. 100% guaranteed. When we help you save money you will see the value of making us your business partner. By the way, this Audit service is provided at absolutely no cost to you.
Total Cost of Ownership
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