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Payment Bundling

In today’s fast-paced business environment, streamlining invoicing procedures is paramount. Bundling invoices will not only provide billing convenience, it can simplify asset management, offer flexibility through supplemental leases, standardize products to enhance security, and ensure smoother operations with coterminous periods.

Save time and resources by streamlining service and supplies.

Benefits of Bundling Invoices

Once you’ve decided, we also like to assist our customers by streamlining their invoicing process. There are a few potential benefits of bundled invoicing with a lease and using a supplement to add to an existing lease.

With bundled invoicing, the lessee only has to pay one invoice that covers multiple aspects of the lease agreement rather than multiple separate invoices. This can make payment processing and bookkeeping simpler.
Simplified Asset Management

Having all leases bundled together under one agreement can make tracking and managing the different assets/services easier. The lessee doesn’t have to coordinate across multiple invoices for information.


Supplemental leases allow the lessee to add new equipment to an existing lease agreement easily. This makes it simpler to handle equipment needs. The assets are still under one umbrella contract.


You may upgrade at any time, standardizing products and improving security throughout your organization with the latest technology.

Coterminous Periods

Lease supplements allow the option to add equipment that has aligned terms and single end dates. This avoids the hassle of managing staggered expiration dates.

You can also add a 60-month term as a supplement with staggered end dates and can still upgrade original or added leases along the way.

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