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Automated Business Solutions Ranks #13 for PBN’s Best Small Businesses to Work in RI

How has your company adapted programs
and services in response to evolving pandemic-
related challenges such as staff burnout
and workforce shortages?

Our company developed programs to remain fully open during the pandemic. One specific example of how we created value during the pandemic was through the creation of “work from home” solutions.

How do you support community service work by your employees?

ABS financially supports initiatives that are personally important to employees.
We contribute often and volunteer time for causes such as MADD, At Risk
Youth, dyslexia and multiple sclerosis.

What fun activities does your company offer
employees to participate in?

We hold a company
picnic, holiday parties, trips for high-level
performers, cookouts, a Zumba in the parking lot
and poker nights.

How would you describe the culture of your

Teamwork makes the dream work.
It’s our staff that makes the business run and we
keep it fun.