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Maintenance Contract

When managing printer service and supplies, businesses choose between maintenance contracts and pay-as-you-go options. Each has its advantages, however a maintenance contract often proves to be more time and cost-efficient in the long run. With remote and on-site support plus supply packages, all your needs are just a click or call away.

To accommodate businesses of all sizes, ABS offers tiers of service: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Connection Protection. Let's explore all the options.

According to industry studies, businesses can save up to 30% on printing costs by opting for a maintenance contract*

Benefits and Features

Managed Print Services (MPS) providers can offer significant cost savings for businesses. By centralizing the management of printing infrastructure, MPS can reduce print-related expenses by up to 30%​ (Standley Systems)​​ (BizTech Magazine)​. This includes savings from consolidating devices, optimizing supply usage, and implementing efficient maintenance practices. Additionally, businesses benefit from predictable monthly costs, which helps budget and eliminates unexpected expenses​ (BizTech Magazine)​.

To accommodate businesses of all sizes, ABS offers Maintenance Contracts in tiers of service:


Includes all labor, mechanical parts, drums, PM Kits, fuser rollers, developer, toner, and waste containers. Our top-level service that will keep your equipment running and fully supplied


Includes all labor, mechanical parts, drums, PM Kits, and fuser rollers. Provides you all the benefits of our Platinum plan with toner and developer being purchased separately


Includes all labor and mechanical parts. Our most basic service plan to help keep your equipment running


Resolution of printing and scanning network issues, including installation of appropriate print drivers. This is a great add-on option for the above service plan contracts to go above and beyond device repair and maintenance and keep your devices connected.

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Managed Contract Solutions

Created for our existing customers, you may place service calls, enter meter readings, order supplies, and receive remote technical support in real-time! Limitations apply based on the contract. Contact us for more details.

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Discover how our Maintenance Contracts with an award-winning MPS provider can transform your organization’s printing infrastructure. Take the first step towards a more efficient and cost-effective future.

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