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VoIP for Business

As technology is always evolving, we wanted to share the exciting developments happening in the world of phone and landline technology. Recently, the FCC Order 19-72A1 came into effect, which deregulated POTS (plain old telephone service). You may have heard that traditional copper lines, which have been around for ages, are gradually being phased out – also known as the “copper sunset”.

What does this mean for you? Let’s break this down…

Voice over IP (VoIP) provides you with the tools to provide best-in-class service while reducing your communication costs.

The POTS to VoIP Breakdown

• The copper lines that have been used for phone and landline connections are being replaced by newer, more advanced technologies. It’s like upgrading from an old, clunky car to a sleek, modern one.

• Carriers are no longer required to offer copper circuit lines or provide that service at a regulated price. As a result, some carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and CenturyLink (Lumen) have informed specific markets that they will no longer provide traditional lines. Additionally, prices for those services that remain have seen significant increases of up to 300%!

• These new technologies, such as fiber optics and wireless networks, offer faster and more reliable connections. Imagine having lightning-fast internet and crystal-clear phone calls.

• With the introduction of these new technologies, you’ll experience improved call quality, fewer dropped calls, and faster internet speeds. Say goodbye to frustrating static or crackling noises during your conversations.

• Don’t worry, this transition won’t happen overnight. Service providers will gradually upgrade their infrastructure to ensure a smooth transition for everyone. They’ll make sure you have all the information you need and support you through the process.

• As a result of this transition, you may need to switch to new devices or upgrade your existing ones. Your service provider will guide you on the best options available, making the transition as seamless as possible.

• Remember, these changes are happening to improve our communication experience. They are designed to enhance our connectivity, allowing us to stay connected with our loved ones, friends, and colleagues with ease.

Built-in CRM
Business SMS
App Integration
Video Conferencing 
Report Analytics

By moving your phone system to the cloud, you can address your communication needs and enjoy a range of additional benefits that enhance the customer experience. Our cloud-based solution offers a wide array of features and functionality, including tools like voice, instant messaging, SMS texting, presence information, video conferencing, data sharing, call control, integrated contact center, mobility, and third-party app integration.

Deployment options such as premise-based, virtualized, cloud-hosted, and hybrid setups to suit your specific requirements. An all-in-one unified experience for users, providing a streamlined and efficient communication experience – a platform that combines all these tools into one seamless solution.

Faster, more reliable communication

Let’s embrace these changes and explore the exciting possibilities offered by cloud-based phone systems. If you’re interested in learning more about how your organization can benefit from VoIP, we invite you to request your own technology evaluation. Our team will be happy to provide further information and discuss how new technologies can meet your needs.

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