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Interactive Displays

Looking for a smart, interactive display for your office or classroom? Meet the all-in-one Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems that make all your visual communications more lively and productive. Available in three sizes: 86", 75", and 70" Class with pristine 4K Ultra HD resolution. A pre-installed launcher makes it quick and easy to start up and use the interactive whiteboard. Your lecture, presentation, or lesson can now be more creative and involving.

Motivate your audience. Give your message the impact it deserves. 

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Benefits of Displays in All Environments

Sharp® AQUOS BOARDs are valuable tools in both office and educational environments due to their versatile and interactive capabilities.

At Work and In The Office

Efficient Meetings: AQUOS BOARDs make meetings more interactive and efficient. They allow for dynamic presentations, interactive brainstorming sessions, and real-time updates to documents and data, reducing the need for printed materials.

Collaborative Work: In collaborative office environments, AQUOS BOARDs enable teams to work together seamlessly. Teams can mark up documents, draw diagrams, and make changes on the board during discussions, fostering creativity and teamwork.

Remote Collaboration: With the rise of remote work, AQUOS BOARDs serve as a bridge for remote and in-person collaboration. Participants in different locations can connect to the AQUOS BOARDs and contribute to the meeting or presentation in real time.

Data Visualization: For data-driven organizations, AQUOS BOARDs can display complex data sets in an easily digestible visual format, helping teams analyze and make informed decisions based on data.

Project Management: AQUOS BOARDs can be used for project planning and management, allowing teams to visualize project timelines, milestones, and tasks, which can help keep projects on track.

Training and Development: In-office training sessions benefit from AQUOS BOARDs, as they allow trainers to create interactive and engaging presentations. Employees can actively participate, improving the effectiveness of training programs.

Presentations: Professionals can deliver more engaging and impactful presentations using AQUOS BOARDs, with the ability to annotate, highlight, and interact with content on the screen.

In The Classroom

Interactive Learning: SmartBoards promote interactive and immersive learning experiences. Teachers can engage students by incorporating multimedia content, quizzes, and interactive lessons.

Visual Learning: Visual learners benefit from SmartBoards as they provide a platform for displaying diagrams, charts, and images that can enhance understanding and retention of concepts.

Multimodal Instruction: Educators can use various modes of instruction, such as text, images, videos, and interactive applications, catering to different learning styles and preferences.

Collaborative Learning: SmartBoards encourage collaboration among students. Group projects, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative problem-solving become more effective with a shared digital platform.

Digital Annotations: Teachers can annotate lessons in real time, making explanations clearer and more engaging. This is especially beneficial for subjects like mathematics and science.

Accessibility: SmartBoards can be adapted to meet the needs of students with disabilities, providing features like text-to-speech and enlarged text for improved accessibility.

Formative Assessment: Teachers can use SmartBoards for formative assessment, allowing students to respond to questions or quizzes interactively, providing immediate feedback.

Resource Sharing: Educators can easily share lesson materials with students, fostering independent learning and providing access to resources outside of class.

Remote Learning: During remote or hybrid learning scenarios, SmartBoards can serve as a central platform for virtual lessons, maintaining engagement and interactivity in the virtual classroom.

In both office and educational settings, Sharp Aquos SmartBoards enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement, making them valuable tools for fostering productivity and learning.

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