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Here come the new iPhones at the Apple September event! Samsung announced their new phones in August. All around us is the thrill of new devices.

It’s amazing how such small devices that didn’t exist in our lives 20 years ago now have millions of users. Year after year, a new lineup of devices is announced with day one sales, rivaling attendance of day one showings at the movies. But what makes these little devices so special?

Smartphones, tablets, and computers are infused with innovation and the latest editions are constantly stretching our idea of what is possible. With all of this popular appeal, we sometimes forget that these devices translate into innovative platforms that can also protect our data for business.

End to end encrypting by iMessage inspires encrypted email communication

Innovative features like Face ID and Samsung Iris scanner provide us a quick way to enter a tough password.

AI s like Siri and Google Assistant introduce us to AI protection.

Image result for siri

Smartphones make innovation fun and exciting, but by learning these exciting technologies we learn new ways to protect our environments from cyber attacks and make our processes more efficient.

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