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Updates! Prepare the defenses!

The importance of finding new ways to protect your environment from cyber-attacks is more critical everyday. There are many contenders we use to fight our cyber battles for us: antivirus is the most popular place to start, the sword of cyber security; stopping viruses in their tracks. Then there’s firewall, the fortress of your network, keeping your valuable vaults of data safe from the outside world. Then, there’s spam filters and email security, the troop of armed guards that bring your digital messenger’s back to safety. But there’s one form of security that effects the whole system that often falls into the least concern. Updates.

Updates (or patches) are the foundation of all of your security, without proper updates all defense is a waste.¬† Your antivirus knight may be the best in all the land, but if he is still fighting with steel while your attackers are fighting with lightsabers, that steel is useless. If your firewall fortress was built with wood (which worked just fine while your attackers fought with slingshots) it won’t hold up when the raiders come with torches (not the firewall we had in mind), update to concrete.

Your operating system provides patches that often provide immunity to some of the most dangerous viruses out there. When the Intel Meltdown exploit was discovered, antivirus, and firewall had no solution to provide immunity to a possible attack through that exploit, the immunity came through in a Windows update.

Wait… Windows updates? you mean those things that make reboots take a half hour. Yes, those. As inconvenient as they may be it is critical that you allow the updates to take place and complete for the sake of the security of your network, and it is now easier than ever to assure these updates can take place with minimal disruption with Automated Business Solution’s MaxxM plans. With a MaxxM plan, ABS schedules your patches and patch reboots, so you don’t have to watch your PC wait at ‘35% complete’ for 20 minutes.

If you want to make sure your patches are always up to date on your network sign up for an Automated Busines Solutions MaxxM plan where you can get updates scheduled.



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