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Shred For Security and Efficiency

Investing in an office shredder is crucial for enhancing security by safeguarding sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access to confidential documents. With an in-house shredder, organizations can ensure immediate disposal of sensitive materials, minimizing the risk of data breaches. Additionally, the convenience of on-site shredding promotes efficiency, saving time and resources compared to outsourcing document destruction services.

We offer commercial-grade quality and unmatched features in a compact design ideal for the office environment

Office and Industrial Options

Formax shredding machines offer a reliable and efficient solution to enhance your workflow by addressing the critical aspect of document security. These machines are designed to securely and quickly dispose of sensitive information, protecting your business from potential data breaches and maintaining compliance with privacy regulations. Formax shredders are equipped with advanced features such as cross-cut or strip-cut capabilities and user-friendly controls. Whether you need to dispose of confidential documents, CDs, or credit cards, we provide versatile solutions to promote a more organized and efficient document management system.

How many bins do you have?
How often are they emptied?
How much per month?
Are you locked into a contract?

Save your organization money
Eliminate a data breach
Reduce vendors, ie. Shred-It contract
High-volume & multi-media options

We’re not just selling a product, we’re providing you the solution from beginning to end. 

Ultimately, the decision depends on the specific applications and requirements of your organization. Careful consideration of costs, resources, and long-term objectives should be evaluated before making this strategic decision.

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