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Jennifer Thomson, 1st Woman ABS VP

Warwick, RIAutomated Business Solutions (ABS) President Michael Ardry has named Jen Thomson of Warwick Vice President of Sales and Marketing, its first woman ABS VP.

Thomson, who began her career with ABS  as a recent college graduate, hired as an Accounts Receivable Representative in 2005, expressed surprise to learn she would be the first woman ABS VP at the 32-year-old company.

 “I was surprised and honored,” Thomson said. “Not many people could surprise me here, since I have my hands in numerous departments and handled many presentations for meetings, but they surprised me.”

Five years after landing her first job, Thomson was promoted to Office Administrator.  She would acquire several more job titles and a firmer grasp of the business. Along the way, executives were guiding Jen through the company and showing her the inner workings of ABS.

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“My biggest mentor of all time was and will always be (ABS Co-Founder and Former President) Alan Albergaria. He taught me so much about life, people, and business. He saw my potential, and continuously would push me to be all that I can be. He helped me through so many tough times in my life, and showed me the path of becoming a leader, friend, and a mentor. He believed in all of us and pushed us to be our best,” Thomson said.

About Automated Business Solutions

In 1992, Automated Business Solutions (ABS) was built on a firm foundation of trust, fairness, and integrity that would offer comprehensive office productivity solutions to businesses of all sizes. For over thirty years, ABS has experienced remarkable growth and success.  This is a result of the company’s steadfast and unwavering commitment to its original vision.

Throughout its history, Automated Business Solutions has made several strategic acquisitions, allowing us to enter new geographic markets. ABS continually invests in its current customers by providing added-value solutions in addition to your traditional business solutions. ABS prides itself on being your single source for many critical office requirements.

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