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V Series

Bringing production print in-house can offer several advantages for your business. Meet the next generation of imagePRESS from Canon® that delivers astounding output, stellar productivity, and adaptive finishing.

Companies have reported a 500% decrease in downtime when bringing production print in-house

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imagePRESS V Family

Finishing Features

Benefits of Canon V Series

From envelopes to long sheets to magnets, the V series is designed to allow you to realize your vision more easily and efficiently. The innovative fusing system is designed to help environments produce high productivity in a small package while also helping to reduce turnaround time.

Plus, you can streamline workflows and empower your team with PRISMA and PRISMAsync, the family of print servers and software that gives you the ability to plan ahead, manage, and run jobs through one or multiple presses more easily than ever before with multi-app integration.

Empower with Efficiency
The PRISMAsync family of print servers helps streamline production by making printing operations more intuitive and uniform. Managing and running jobs through multiple presses more easily than ever before. Plan ahead up to 8 hours of production with the Job Scheduler. The intuitive interface helps operators easily manage jobs from composition to media to production to finishing—even those inevitable last-minute changes. PRISMAremote Manager features a dynamic user interface that allows Apps to be dragged, dropped, and scaled to create a customized view with only the information your operators require!

Simplify Workflows
PRISMA is Canon’s family of workflow solutions designed to help optimize your print operation while positioning you for further growth. PRISMA workflow solutions include on-premise and cloud-based solutions to simplify job submission, accelerate document preparation, and facilitate order and production management as well as tools designed to help support performance monitoring, cost allocation, and color management.

Maximum Finishing Options
Keep more jobs in-house and with less effort by selecting from an extensive array of Canon and third-party in-line finishing options that offer punching. Wire-binding, booklet-making, and trimming. Inline feeding and finishing options are essential for print environments to achieve maximum versatility and flexibility when producing high-quality, professional print applications including brochures, manuals, reports, and books, among other materials.

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We’re not just selling a product, we’re providing you the solution from beginning to end. 

Ultimately, the decision to bring production print in-house depends on the specific needs, volume, and complexity of print materials required by the company. Careful consideration of costs, resources, and long-term objectives should be evaluated before making this strategic decision.

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